Interested in ordering jewelry from us? We'd be happy to help you order what you're looking for! Here's how to get started:


How do I order?

Until we get our webstore up and running, (we're working on it!), all inquiries can be made to 


What information do you need?

In order to find exactly what you're looking for, please provide us with as much information as possible. Try to include the dimensions of your jewelry (gauge/thickness/diameter/length) material (titanium/steel/gold/platinum/etc) stone type (synthetic stones/genuine gemstones) jewelry description (name of the jewelry, what company it's coming from, item number if available) or a picture of the jewelry (copying and pasting from our Facebook or Instagram is a great idea). 


How much does your jewelry cost?

Depending on material and manufacturer, jewelry prices can drastically vary. The more information you initially provide us with, the faster and more accurately we can provide you with jewelry options and prices.


How does payment work?

We require at least a 50% deposit on any piece of jewelry to either put it on hold if we have it in stock or to order it if it requires custom production. Your remaining balance must be paid in full before items are picked up or shipped. This can all be done in person or over the phone.


Do you ship?

Yes, we can ship anywhere within the United States easily. Please provide us with your address so we can calculate a shipping quote for you. If you live internationally, jewelry insurance, customs, additional taxes/fees and regulations may apply. Please contact us for more information.


How long do I have to wait?

If we have exactly what you're looking for currently in stock, we can ship it to you within 24 hours. If the item has either sold out and/or needs to be custom ordered, production for most items will take between 4-12+ weeks to arrive. 


How do I know what you can order?

Based on what you describe you're looking for, we'll usually know exactly what manufacturer we need to contact to have your jewelry made perfectly. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, below we've provided the websites of our preferred manufactures and what they specialize in. You can copy and paste photos to us directly from these websites, or even better, many of these manufactures include names or item codes for each piece of jewelry to make ordering even easier. Just pass on that information to us and we can get your dream piece of jewelry started!


Gold Jewelry:

Body Vision Los Angeles

Steel/Titanium Jewelry:


Industrial Strength


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